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DON'T get a Glen if you aren't prepared or willing to learn to effectively handle a potentially dog-aggressive dog. Glens do not back down when challenged by another dog, and therein lies a huge RESPONSIBILITY to its owner. This is not a breed for the faint of heart.

DON'T get a Glen if you are attracted to the breed chiefly by its appearance. Behaviour, temperament & character are what you actually live with. Be sure that the Glen personality truly suits your own personality and lifestyle.

DON'T get a Glen if you are unwilling to spend some time or money on GROOMING. Glens are a hairy breed and their hair GROWS

DON'T get a Glen if you are unable or unwilling to assert yourself as the undisputed boss of the household. Glens may appear submissive by nature but they WILL take advantage of wishy-washy non-alpha owners. You must be self-assured, consistent, and firm, as well as fair, calm, and kind.

DON'T get a Glen if you dislike daily physical exercise. Glens need exercise and the mental stimulation of a walk or run to keep them happy, healthy and out of trouble. Only a short walk perhaps but you WILL go out!!

DON'T get a Glen if you work irregular hours. No dog deserves a life alone. Glens need the security of a structured environment.

DON'T get a Glen if you believe that dogs should run "free." No dog should run free & unsupervised, either in an urban or rural setting. A LEAD IS ESSENTIAL as Glens were bred to flush out and kill its quarry-fox and badgers--and that includes the squirrel or your neighbour’s cat across a busy street.

DON'T get a Glen if you can't afford to buy one, or pay for grooming, food, and veterinary care for the 10-15 years the dog may live. Glens are not one of the more expensive breeds, but providing food, medical care and a good insurance policy will cost hundreds of pounds in its lifetime

DON'T get a Glen if you already own a dog and are unwilling to provide the training and supervision that is often necessary to prevent fights.

DON'T get a Glen if you own cats, birds, or small animals (such as rats, hamsters, or rabbits) and are unable to closely supervise the dog's behaviour to safeguard these pets. Some Glens will consider them prey.

DON'T get a Glen if you are unwilling to commit yourself for the dog's entire lifetime. Every dog deserves lifetime loyalty from his owners-no matter what! A Glen dumped at a pound, shelter or RSPCA has almost no chance of escaping death. If you must place your Glen, do so only through the dog's breeder, a Glen Rescue group, or a breed club.

If all of the preceding "bad news" about Glens hasn't turned you away from the breed, then by all means begin investigating the "good news" about the breed. Glens are every bit as wonderful as you have heard. It may be the perfect breed for you!

Don’t get a Glen of Imaal Terrier if……………..