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A non fashionable breed that was practically ignored by all but the locals of South East Ireland until the 1930’s. At that time a gentleman wrote a column in the Irish Field under the name of Danny Boy. Danny Boy, an ardent terrier devotee, mentioned the Glen and the correspondence which followed was written about in his weekly column. He proves an exciting link with the beginning of the modern Glen

In the UK Glens were granted individual names registration in 1973. Prior to that year they were under the heading of Any Other Variety. The first Glen though actually registered with the English Kennel Club was Ballyroan Mick (Coolboy/Ballyroan Nora) bred by Daniel O’Donoghue and appears in February 1958. The first time the breed was classified in the UK, in it own right, was 1981 at London & Home Counties Terrier Show and the first Championship Show to offer Glen classes was National Terrier in 1982.

The above is probably one of the most important photographs in Glen history. It was taken some time before 1910 & features a group of terriers at Slane Castle; the seat of the Marquess of Conyngham.

These terriers, Patch, Crab, Dan, Troops, Ned, Flora, Trimmer, Vic Tigey & Victor need a very close look. Take a closer look at Dan and there it is; the first known picture of a Glen of Imaal. Trimmer also deserves a second look as the head shape and front assembly says a cut down Glen.

The provenance, age & photographer, Elliott & Fry of 55 Baker Street, London, could make this the breed’s greatest heirloom


For anybody interested in the history of working terriers this and this makes very interesting viewing in light of the Fit for Function campaign and the the way some people seem to applaud cross breeds to the detriment of pedigrees

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